S u r v i v a l

Skullsurvival is a young luxury fashion label, which is inspired by the symbiosis of urban streetstyle and high end couture.
Street Fashion-established in the 1980s by the Hip Hop culture, literally blew the minds of a whole generation and embraced amongst others the baggy pants, oversized shirts and special sneakers. Urban-Survival is taking things one-step further by adapting the tribalism of this style and incorporating luxury and exclusivity! We do not have a game plan - everything just comes together in a way that is yet to be matched! From the music right down to the dress sense! Creativity combined with hypnotic luxury is the way forward for Urban-Surviavl and provides a distinctive edge that has not been seen before.

Our aim is to provide true lovers with a brand that will make them feel special while portraying positivity. Urban-Survival was founded on an infamous trip to Freetown in 2010.While sitting in the atrium of Hotel Costes, eating fraises des bois and listening to 2pac and B.I.G. not cater for a cool, yet stylish combination of a brand that represents both exclusivity and streetstyle.

This is when the unique 
and luxurious brand was born Skullsurvival

The founders were set out to create a brand that would revive the symbiosis of Survival streetstyle and high end couture and only weeks later the first shirts were designed and in production.